Our Process

Our process begins with a "Discovery interview".This is where you provide us details about your current financial situation. We do the discovery interview thru our "Start Here" tab on our dashboard. Once we have the initial information we have a discussion with you about your goals, needs and objectives. This initial interview will help us create what we call your customized Asset Map. The Asset Map gives us a very clear visual picture of your specific situation.

Now that we know you, your situation, your goals and objectives the next step is to determine what will it take to accomplish them. We use a holistic approach to providng solutions to your sitaution. Then we target the specific areas you care most about and discuss the solutions available.

Once we discuss the solutions we will help you with the implementation phase. We help put into action the solutions designed to help you achieve your goals. We will continue to review and monitor and if necessary course correct your financial road map, because life does happen. At it's core "Our Process" is about ongoing engagement with you as you achieve life and financial milestones.